2021 JUL 21 Land Rises Above Water in Haryana, Leaves Netizens Stunned (Facebook 7.3 million views)


Land abruptly rises from water body in India, netizens look for answers.

A video clip showed a strange phenomenon that took place in Haryana, a state in northern India, where a land abruptly rose from under the water body.

Millions of people on social media saw the clip because of the mystery surrounding the phenomenon.

Surprised by the rising land, the videographer asked those around him to step back while the earth continued to rise.

Although the reason behind the phenomena was not clear, the visitors of social networking sites tried to give their own theories.

Some of them said that the land rose due to the activity of the tectonic plates while some others attributed the rising land to the rise of the methane trapped in the ground, according to local Indian media.

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EDITORIAL SOURCE: gulftoday.ae